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If—and many critics say, when—the documentary wins, he is sure to achieve the recognition in his home country that slipped by him almost 40 years ago. Since its release last year, Searching for Sugar Man has been inspiring standing ovations from audiences in the US.

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At Sundance, it won both the jury and the audience award prizes. But long before they discovered him, some South Africans already had. The enigmatic figure developed an almost cultish appeal in a country then divided by apartheid.

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It made us look at her in a different way. If you had it it confirmed that you were not mainstream.

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They signed him and released two albums, Cold Fact and Coming From Reality , and were surprised when both sank. Some say audiences were not ready to accept a Mexican-American.

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Others say his shyness on stage turned off fans, as did his propensity for performing with his back to them. In the face of failure, Rodriguez abandoned music, and spent most of his life as a laborer struggling to make ends meet. But on this side of the world, in a South Africa divided by race, his music was becoming the anthem of a generation, especially among white liberal South Africans, outselling more than Elvis or the Rolling Stones with an estimated half million to 1 million albums.

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He never received a cent in royalties. But what makes the story even more fascinating is that even those South Africans, in a country under international sanctions, knew little about him. Through rumors, they believed he had committed suicide by burning or shooting himself on stage.

It was only in the s that two men in Cape Town, Stephen Segerman and Craig Bartholomew, in the s, with the help of the internet, set out to find out more about the enigmatic man of their formative years. Gender All Female Male Unknown. Current age to.

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