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Then follow up to return the dog or cat. A veterinarian can help you find out. There are different laws in each city regarding stray animals. Check with your local animal control or animal services department in your city to find out what your legal obligations are.

Adopt a pet

If you must take the animal to the shelter, and you wish to do everything you can for the animal, be sure to claim last rights. Claiming last rights gives you adoption privileges if the animal is not claimed within a given time period and is due to be put down. Another good strategy is to post flyers in the vicinity where the animal was found.

For example, you could leave out the gender of the animal, or the fact that she has white socks on her front feet or a really bushy tail. Creating a flyer is a great way to start. Bunchers are people who pose as prospective adopters, pretending to be loving and concerned. The pets they obtain are then sold to dealers who in turn sell the pets to research laboratories.

Places like health food stores, supermarkets, libraries, churches, and health clubs often have community bulletin boards where anyone can post flyers. Color is best. Ideally, the photo you choose for the flyer should have the eyes of the animal in focus. Contact as many shelters and rescue groups as possible. Most agencies will be overloaded, but they might allow you to bring your pet to one of their adoption days. They might be able to put you in contact with someone who is looking for the kind of pet you are trying to place, or they could have some other suggestions.

If you have a pug or a Persian cat, for example, there may be rescue groups or clubs that have lists of people looking to adopt that particular breed. Some breed rescue groups might even be willing to place a mix, as long as the animal is close to purebred. You can find local listings of breed rescue groups by doing an Internet search on a search engine such as www.

Place a classified ad in your local paper. When you write the ad, be creative. See the sample ads on the next page. Run the ad as many times as you can afford — you are looking to reach a wide audience. If you feel uneasy about asking for a fee, you can always donate the money to your favorite charity. Post your pet on adoption websites.

There are general adoption websites, as well as specific sites for certain types of animals for example, FIV-positive cats, disabled pets, or senior dogs. Another option is Rehome, a peer-to-peer self-service platform launched by Adopt-a-Pet. The site allows pet owners who cannot keep their pets to find new loving homes in their own community. Rehome is a free service for the pet owner. Use any and all of your community contacts. Ask friends and family to mention the animal in their church or community newsletter; send an e-mail about the pet through your office memo system; post a notice and photo on your Facebook page; or share some flyers with members of clubs or associations to which you belong.

Tell anyone and everyone about the pet who needs a home, and ask friends and family to help with spreading the word. Get the pet out there. This works especially well with dogs. Betty Lou has a new pair of shoes and she is ready to walk right into your heart! Betty is a two-year-old spayed female terrier mix. She loves to dance, prance and play. She is a doll! She is good with cats as well. Call Kelly or Doug at after 7 p. Adoption fee required. Joe Cocker is coming to town and wants to sing for you. Joe is a three-year-old neutered male cockapoo with a great personality.

Take great photos and videos

He has had all his shots. Call Morris after 6 p.

Persian cat with attitude. Martha thinks she rules the world! She is gorgeous, and knows it. She loves to sit on laps and be petted. She would prefer a home where she is the only cat. See her at the Petco on Broadway, Saturday, June 10, 10 a. Ask for Beth. Loyal, playful, tender and kind best describes this beautiful orange tabby. He is 3 years old, neutered, and has had all his shots. He prefers an adults-only home.

Call Jeremy at before 11 a. Donation for my favorite animal charity required. No bunchers. First and foremost, spay or neuter the pet you are trying to place. | Adoptable pets and Helpful Info

You can also visit their website, spayusa. Next, bring the animal to a vet for a thorough checkup. It will be easier to place the pet if he's been seen by a veterinarian prior to adoption. You should also prepare a general history of the pet. All this information will help the adopter get acquainted with the pet and make the transition easier on the animal.

The help of an experienced and caring professional can often help you resolve quirky or destructive behavior, making it easier to place the pet in a new home. By doing so, you can eliminate unsuitable potential adopters early on. You might want to take notes as you talk to the person.

Why You Should Never Give Pets Away 'Free to a Good Home'

From the answers to these questions, you can start to build a profile of the person. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions about yourself and your home? If the dog or cat is for someone else, then tell the caller that you need to speak directly to the prospective adopter. Their answers can help you to determine whether the pet you are placing will fit into this household.

For example, if you are trying to place a dog who hates cats, and they have cats, this is obviously not a good choice.

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So the decision to take on a family pet needs to be made with great care. Go to Best Friends resources. Many dogs and all cats do very well in apartments. The proximity encourages close companionship and bonding. And guess who has to go! The number of hours that an animal will be alone during the day needs to be taken into account. Dogs have an especially hard time being alone for long periods of time. They are social animals, so they need companionship from either the family or another pet. A lonely, bored dog or puppy can chew through the couch, rip up the carpet, destroy the table legs — just for something to do.

Prospective adopters should be encouraged to make provisions for a young dog if the family is away every day for long hours. There are dog-walking and doggie daycare services in most cities. Add to Wishlist. Find dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and filter by location, breed, age, size and gender.

Surprising People with iPhone 11 who Adopt a Dog! Then Customizing Them (Giveaway)

View profiles of more than 14, adoption groups. Looking to adopt a bird, fish, reptile or barnyard animal? Learn more about hypoallergenic dogs, small dog breeds, hairless dogs, and the best dogs for kids. Also, view the most common cat breeds and find the right cat for you.

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