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If your glute is hanging and lump then there is a layer of fats covering the muscles. If that is the case, its simple. Just lose the fats by a combination of cardio, weight resistance exercises and a clorie restriction diet. To have great looking strong glutes, weight resistant exercises must be included in your workout routines. For some people, exercises such as running up slopes, stair-master or step climbing will have good effect in shaping the buns. But to have that perky sexy butt, you will have to incorporate Squats, Dead lifts and Lunges which are fantastic butt shapers.

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You can set one-time or recurring alarms, and choose options for how to be notified. Find the alarm in the alarm list under the Alarm tab , and then Applications Clock Page Contacts Store and manage your contacts with the Contacts app, which can be synchronized with a variety of your existing personal accounts, including Google, Email, Facebook, and your Samsung account.

Page Add A Contact 2. Tap the Search field, and then enter characters to find contacts that match. You can also press and slide across the alphabetical list to select a letter with better precision. Tap the contact to display it, and then tap EDIT. Page Link Contacts Link Contacts When you have contacts from various sources Gmail, Facebook, and so on , you may have multiple similar entries for a single contact. Contacts lets you link multiple entries into a single contact. Page Remove Contacts From Favorites Favorites When you mark contacts as favorites, they are easily accessible from other apps.

Favorites display together on the Favorites tab in Contacts. Mark Contacts as Favorites 1. Tap a contact to display it, and then tap turns gold Remove Contacts from Favorites 1. Page Rename A Group 3. You can save it to a specific account, to the device memory, or to all accounts. Page Contact Settings Contact Settings These settings allow you to modify settings associated with using the Contacts app. Tap an option and follow the onscreen instructions. Applications Contacts Page Email Email Use the Email app to view and manage all your email accounts in one application.

Configuring Email Accounts You can configure Email for most accounts in just a few steps. Page Email Settings Managing Your Email Accounts You can view email you receive for all accounts on the Combined view screen or you can view email accounts individually. Tap the drop down menu at the top left of the screen to view the current account mailbox. Follow the onscreen instructions to download Galaxy Essentials apps specially chosen from Samsung Apps. Note: A Samsung account is required to purchase and download apps.

Applications Galaxy Apps Page Gallery Gallery View, edit, and manage pictures and videos. View Images and Videos Launching Gallery displays available folders. When another application, such as Email, saves an image, a Download folder is automatically created to contain the image. Likewise, capturing a screenshot automatically creates a Screenshots folder. Pinch the screen to zoom out. Page Internet Internet Access the Internet with a fully featured web browser.

Page Saved Pages Bookmarks To bookmark the current web page: 1.

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Tap 2. Type a title for the bookmark and tap SAVE. Page Secret Mode Secret Mode Pages viewed in secret mode do not appear within your browser history or search history, and leave no traces such as cookies on your device. Note: Any downloaded files will remain on your device after you close the incognito tab.

Page Memo Memo Use the Memo app to write and save notes on your device. Compose a Memo 1. Create memo, type a memo. Page Memo Options 5. Browsing Memos 1.

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Browse memo thumbnails by scrolling up or down. Page Messages Messages Learn how to send and receive different messages using the default messaging app on your phone. Tap the Enter recipients field to manually enter a recipient or Add Recipient to select a recipient from your Contacts or Groups. To view the message: 1. Open the Notification Panel and select the message.

Enter a word or phrase to search for, and then tap Search on the keyboard. Messaging Settings Configure the settings for text messages, multimedia messages, push messages, and so on. Page My Files My Files Access files stored on your device, including images, videos, songs, and sound clips.

Page To view files in My Files: 1.

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Tap a category to view the relevant files or folders. Tap a file or folder to open it. Page Create folder: Add a folder Local storage only. Sort by: Change the sort order of the files. Add shortcut: Add a shortcut to the current location on either a Home screen or the My Files main screen. This option only appears in Local Storage categories. Conceal hidden files: Conceal hidden files.

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  • Page Play and manage videos stored on your device. Scroll through the videos stored on your device. After a few seconds, each video thumbnail begins playing a preview of the clip. The file is automatically saved. Tap Recordings. Tap a recording to play it back. When enabled, a check mark displays. Page Customize the Quick Settings Menu Quick settings are the settings that you are most likely to frequently use. When you first access the Settings menu, the Quick settings are set to a default list of settings.

    Wi-Fi Direct creates a direct connection between two or more devices using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi must be on to configure settings. Page Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car Bluetooth systems, and Bluetooth-enabled computers, printers, and wireless devices.

    Note: The Bluetooth communication range is approximately 30 feet. Turn Bluetooth On and Off 1. Page Pair Bluetooth Devices Scan for Bluetooth Devices When you want to pair with another Bluetooth device, you can scan for nearby devices that are visible. When Bluetooth is first turned on, it scans for nearby Bluetooth devices and displays them. Page Bluetooth Status Indicators 5. When you see the name of the target device displayed in the Bluetooth devices section, tap the name.


    Your device then automatically tries to pair with the target device. If automatic pairing fails, enter the passcode supplied with the target device. Page Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane mode disconnects your device from all networks and turns off connectivity features, such as phone calls and Wi-Fi. While in airplane mode, you can use other features, such as playing music, watching videos, and other online applications.

    Note: Your service provider may account for data usage differently. You can also control Mobile Data at the Notification panel. From a Home screen, tap payment. Tap NFC. Settings NFC and Payment Page Tap and Pay Tap and pay allows you to select the default payment application you want to use for making purchases on your phone. Connect to a VPN 1.