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Wills filed after that date will not be in the index until the next update. Use navigation on the left and chose search by name option. Use the drop down menu and the search by defendant name option. Search cases and traffic citations by case number or citation number or driver's license or license plate or SSN or name and DOB. Includes civil, criminal, probate and traffic cases. Providing your email address is optional but a good idea because it lets us contact you back with any questions.

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Clark County, Nevada. Clark County Clerk of Court.

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Search official court records for cases identifiable with a person or organization. District Court - Family Cases. Search official court records for family law cases. Civil Court. District Court Civil and Criminal Cases. Eighth Judicial District Court. Search official court records for civil and criminal cases. Justice Court - Criminal, Traffic. Clark County Justice Court. Will Index. View official list of wills filed with the county up to July 13, Municipal Court. Henderson , Clark County, Nevada. City of Henderson Municipal Court.

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Search official court records for criminal, traffic and parking cases. Justice Court - Civil, Criminal.

Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Record sealing removes your conviction from the public record. You may need to work with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to seal your records after a conviction. Record sealing is the process of removing a conviction from the public record. Record sealing is a way for people to get a fresh start after a criminal conviction.

There are lots of reasons that people want to get their record sealed in Nevada. You might have one motivator, or you might have several of these reasons for pursuing a record sealing :. You might have also heard record sealing referred to as expungement.

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An expungement is a complete reversal and destruction of a criminal record. Record sealing is the only option. Some states have a process like record sealing, but they call it expungement. In any event, record sealing is the name for the process in the State of Nevada. Nevada is one of the more forgiving states when it comes to record sealing.

Nevada allows for sealing of more types of offenses than some other states. You can also get your records sealed much sooner in Nevada than you can in other places. Some crimes are ineligible for record sealing. How long you have to wait depends on the type of crime. Here are the waiting periods for the different types of convictions:. Typically, the clock starts ticking when you complete your sentence. You can file immediately for sealing.

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To file for record sealing, you prepare a petition. The petition goes to the court that entered your original conviction. A petition for record sealing in Nevada requires many supporting documents including:. The prosecuting attorney can appear at the hearing and present evidence. If your crime involves a victim, the judge may be hesitant to grant your request.

You should carefully prepare the evidence to show the judge that you deserve the record sealing. Nevada Revised Statute You may only ask for a rehearing twice.