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In Debian 9 the matching binary package is called isc-dhcp-server. First, we need to make sure the package tree is up-to-date with the latest software versions by issuing the below command. Then, after the local package tree is in sync with the remote sources, issue the below command in order to search all pre-compiled packages available of the ISC DHCP software, as illustrated in the following screenshot. The DHCP server main configuration file is dhcpd.

The configuration file will contain a lot of comments, denoted by a leading hash mark. All other uncommented lines are either parameters of DHCP server used for general configuration features of the dhcpd daemon or declarations , which describe the network IP ranges and IP addresses or other network values the server can send to client devices. Before actually start editing a new blank configuration file, backup the original file by issuing the below command.

All parameter lines end with semicolons ; in the dhcp configuration file.

The dhclient.leases file

Some parameters might have more than just one value, such as domain-name-servers which has two IP addresses separated by a comma. The lines that begins with a hashtag are comments and are not parsed by the dhcp server.

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Use ip or ifconfig commands to list all your network interfaces. The clients should now start receiving IP leases from your dhcp server.

What is DHCP Lease Time? – TheITBros

To list the granted addresses to your clients in real time, you should inspect the content of the log file by issuing tail command as illustrated below. I order to configure your DHCP server to assign a fixed IP address for special network devices from your network, such as servers, use a declaration with the name of the host you want to grant a fixed IP address and the Media Access Control MAC address of the network interface plug-in to your network.

The reserved IP address will be assigned to the client each time it boots. However, the reserved IP address entry can be also added after the subnet declaration. This feature is only available to subscribers.

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ISC DHCP Lease File

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  • Installing DHCP Server.

Lease Database. Do not change this file.

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DHCP lease information for each recently assigned IP address is automatically stored in the lease database. The information includes the length of the lease, to whom the IP address has been assigned, the start and end dates for the lease, and the MAC address of the network interface card that was used to retrieve the lease. The lease database is recreated from time to time so that it is not too large.

First, all known leases are saved in a temporary lease database. The dhcpd.

Linux - Network Configuration (ip, route, dhclient, systemd-resolve, netplan)