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I suspect that most of my target houses are rentals. Has something changed? Do I have to go down to the Municipal Building and pull up the records in person? You should be able to get them in person at the office. It's all public data but they have it organized effectively. I have the same problem. Websites like Property Shark are great but cost a monthly premium to use. If anyone has suggestions on how to get the information online for free, it would be a huge help!

But, I also try the APN number for one of my property and that did not work either. I also used PropertyRadar with I found it pretty useful. But I have not used the export function, yet. Christopher Deitz.

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I have experienced the same issues in both SD County and LA County that they do not disclose owner information, pretty sad. However, for LA County, I actually drove down to the county offices and found that they do not even disclose owner information for absentee owners at all!

This is not simply an online vs. Just wondering for all you SoCal investors, where are you able to get this info? Is Property Radar the only solution? James Thiel I'd love to say we are the only solution, but there are definitely other companies that provide public record documents. From there though, there are big differences.

We each provide different amounts of information, and some add other things like maps with parcel boundaries, or foreclosure updates. And we each have different software with differences in features and ease of use.

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Feel free to pm with any specific questions. I will pm you, as you offered so thanks for that as well. Is this information provided somewhere besides Property Radar? Most counties have a website where you can look up property taxes. Most will require that you know the parcel number, though some also allow you too look up by address.

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Unfortunately San Diego's site is really difficult, often stating "No Record" when you enter data perfectly. Thanks Sean OToole! The only tax info I have found online so far are the new Notifications of Taxable Value documents. Everything just shows up as "No Record" like you stated. Would getting the documents from the county office be a simple process? I know there are services online that can get this info for a price but as a newbie I'm not really at the point yet where I feel it's beneficial to pay for these services.

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You should have no problem in person. Sometimes they limit you to requesting 3 properties at a time which can be a pain if you have a big list.

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While you are there you can also ask why their online system isn't working. As for free vs. I had the very same question!! I'm glad I found this post. Time to streamline this process!! Thanks BP! Christopher Deitz I'm curious what you ended up using to get data on San Diego properties! I am moving to the area next year and will begin wholesaling once I am there.

Any tips you can share?

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  4. Crazy that San Diego is so behind other places like Houston. In Houston you can go to hcad, type in the address and find the owner or type in the owner and find what they own. You can also view value history, ownership history, click on an owner and see their other properties, etc.

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    8. It's great. I use it daily. It's free. I just assumed that was a normal feature that every city had.

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      Cody L. Also, County Assessor records have permit history on properties. This Website allows you to search through this code and find the section by title or sec. The Official California Legislative Information Web Site - Business and Professions Code The Business and Professions Code contains rules and regulations pertaining to architects, engineers, and contractors, as well as several other professions.

      California Building Standards Commission The BSC is responsible for administering California's building codes, including adopting, approving, publishing, and implementing codes and standards. This site provides information on:.

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      California Housing and Community Development Among other things, you will find information regarding Mobile Home Parks and permit requirements. Contractors State License Board This web site allows you to check the status of a license. Also, many resources are available for consumers and contractors.