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Paris accessorised her outfit with typical gusto, and carried a patent black handbag in the same hand as her shopping bag, while her menagerie of Apple devices were clutched firmly in the other. She added a touch of Hollywood spirit to her look by wearing a pair of over-sized dark sunglasses, while she also sported a collection of silver and gold jewellery as well as a large wristwatch. She wore her long blonde brushed back off of her face so that it hung down around her shoulders, leaving her pretty face free from being obscured.

Opting for a simple and understated pallet of make-up, Paris let her striking features shine through; choosing to only subtly accentuate and define her lips with a flash of lipstick and some eyeliner. Blonde beauty: She wore her long blonde brushed back off of her face so that it hung down around her shoulders, leaving her pretty face free from being obscured. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Or shop our edit of similar beaded cardigans below.

Share this article Share. Comments 32 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Get Me Out Of Here! VS model Shanina Shaik, 28, undergoes a terrifying 'vampire facial' in a bid to get a more youthful complexion Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge says she was told to 'cash in on her looks' when she left drama school.. High Street sales collapse as UK reels from 'Brexit chaos', sparking fears of a 'perfect storm' in the Oxford University launches urgent investigation after porter 'asked a black graduate if he used to rob the Cara Delevingne and girlfriend Ashley Benson 'up security at their LA mansion after male stalker is caught UK's alcohol shame: Britons drink bottles of wine a year - more than most of the world and almost one Chinese children are banned from playing online games for more than 1.

He found fame on Emmerdale as a gawky child star, but after a stunning The 'Best' British of TV on demand? Facebook admits it cannot keep track of all political ads on its platform as it emerges posts have targeted Journalist discovers she has a huge cyst that needs urgent surgery after a viewer spotted a lump on her neck The war grave lady detectives: When bodies are unearthed at World War battle sites, a team of dedicated The pink ribbon rebellion: It's the symbol that's helped raise millions for breast cancer, but now a leading Couple who took in Ukranian dwarf after she was abandoned by her adoptive parents insist she is a 'genuine Ukrainian dwarf abandoned by adoptive parents who say she is an 'adult sociopath masquerading as a child' Marty's Mob is back with a bang!

Ed Sheeran is 'related to the bloodthirsty mob boss depicted in Martin Scorsese's new film The Irishman' Husband, 46, decapitates wife, 42, 'puts her head in her lap' and slits their five-year-old daughter's Passengers 'brawl' at Heathrow after being evacuated off BA flight from Budapest that sparked emergency amid Man, 27, is jailed for 18 years for torturing and sexually assaulting an month-old toddler who was lucky Thousands of British children face flu vaccine delay as officials tell schools to reschedule November Girl, two, died of a twisted bowel after NHS service call handlers failed to spot symptoms or call an Gavin And Stacey's Mathew Horne goes public with new 'girlfriend' at theatre event Supermarkets plot a Christmas price war as the big four prepare for battle with Aldi and Lidl Another reason to be active in old age: Overs who exercise for just an HOUR a week face a lower risk of Duchesses honour Britain's heroes: Meghan Markle pays tribute to Britain's war dead as she joins Prince Doting dad!

Do these kids not read the comments? You, Brian, are awesomely awesome, however.

These messages have kept me extremely entertained for the past hour. Thank you Brian for putting a smile on my face with your comments! Lol, thank you for making my day. Well, okay, that and the fact that they apparently -do- think she reads this stuff. Sic transit gloria whatevah. I have a lot of favorite actors, actresses, singers… whatever.

Keep it real, people. This is LIFE. Give it a rest. Oh… and there was one entry I have to say was just awe-inspiring. Thanks to all those who previously tried to talk some sense into the people who keep posting here. Everyone please refer to STOP! You will blush and squirm for the rest of your life when you remember these posts and how intensely you yearned to get a message with the link, especially since anyone getting thousands of calls from telemarketers one day would surely keep their number, right?

I know English always helped me during a job interview, or was it the blow job? All these people still begging for this list, they are stronger than we are and they will win out and take over the Earth.

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That is sad. Some of us know how to 1 type and 2 construct a sentence. These people will not take over the earth. AT cutieschoolgirl yahoo. I think she is one of the greatest people EVER yes, mock me all you like. I am not ashamed. But I am totally ashamed to be posting this, asking if anyone has it. Thanks so much anyone who emails me.

Also, you can AIM me at [redacted] Thanks! Curse you, Paris! My brain hurts. It hurts because it is used to processing actual words, and not the drivel that I have read today. Thank you, people, for making me look forward to returning to the pile of paperwork on my desk…the pile that I was trying to get a mind-break from, and turned to this site for relief.

Look it up! If you e-mail it to me. Do you guys think that they would have changd their numbers yet n-e-ways if you have the list post on my xanga its [redacted] thanx. My God. THIS is our future? THESE are the ones that will be running this country?

Dear Person Who Hacked Paris Hilton’s Cell Phone

We are truly doomed. Forget the use of punctuation and capitals. How do these kids make it through school? Who is giving them passing grades? How come my 2 kids are so different? They can spell and use good grammar.

paris hilton phone number

They know what a library is. Big fan of Banterist. I got to this one and it killed about 2 hours of my day. Irony can be a beautiful thing.

Dear Person Who Hacked Paris Hilton’s Cell Phone – Banterist – Brian Sack

Im his bigest fan nad ill do ne thing to get it!!! See how they like it. I have the numbers.. If anyone who has the list of phone numbers. Despite or because of? I imagine the poor soul who has the email address [redacted] aol. Indeed; a slew of individuals who need to go sit in the corner for a bit.

As for Paris, hell both the whore Hiltons. They are makeup enriched cum queens.

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A real woman has a bit of meat on her to hold on to, not taut skins with bones showing. Sorry but paris hilton has the body of a prepubescent boy. I hate Paris!!! Anyone single? Here is everything. I pray that my two year old never turns into one of you children. If she does I fear that I will have no other choice but to exile her. Brian your the best. Found out about you a couple of months ago and now I visit the site daily.

Thanks for the laughs. You may be a celebrity stalking loon, but I taught you the meaning of redacted! You made my day. Dear Brian, I am not a celebrity stalking loon.

Even in an Existential Crisis, WeWork Continues to Grow

Glad I made your day, and I already knew the meaning of redacted, thank you very much. You make no since at all!!!! How could you guys say mean things about Paris Hilton. You dont even know her. Your probally just jealous because your not her. And yes I am a 13 year old girl and I am sticking up for Paris Hilton because she is not a stuck up brat unlike all of you! Jiminy Christmas. Is Jiminy on the list? Find the USA on a map. Sigh… people are still trying to get these numbers after all this time? Kids, buy a magazine. Have these kids never heard of irony?